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Working Mother Radio

About the Author

Born and raised in New York City, Frances Vieta then lived in Rome, Italy for twenty-seven years as a journalist/writer for both the American and Italian media. Her expert articles included terrorism, art and food.
For much of that time she worked with the specialized offices of the Carabinieri posing as a would-be buyer to recover stolen art. This is the basis for a memoir: Looters’ Paradise: Recovering Italy's Plundered Treasures.
She was a long time consultant with the United Nations with frequent travel in Africa and in Ethiopia. This is the basis for an historical novel set in 1935, Love in the Land of Barefoot Soldiers.
She now lives in New York City.

A Gone-with-the Wind historical novel set in 1935 Ethiopia during the Italian invasion.

Read a free chapter of Love in the Land of Barefoot Soldiers